The interdisciplinary GlySign European Industrial Doctorates programme is now training 6 early stage researchers (PhD students) using EU funding.

The training program of GlySign is well balanced between a broad inter-sectoral education and individual specialization which will result in independent PhDs with excellent employability due to a broad set of skills around a recognizable core expertise. They will be uniquely suited to pioneer the translation of glycosylation biomarkers in clinical and technological research groups in academia, spin-offs, SME and big pharma. The training is structured around a training-by-research approach which is enriched by the inter-sectoral experience provided to every ESR and by focused secondments at other partner organization. Education will be rounded up by basic scientific courses, transferable skills courses, workshops, network-wide events and active participation in (inter)national conferences. A stay of significant length at the LUMC of all ESRs will allow participation in the LUMC graduate school and ensure completeness and basic equivalence of the training for all ESRs. The elaborate training is based on an established inter-sectoral network of excellent scientists who combine many years of experience in (glyco‑)proteomics and biomarker research. This trans-European network incorporates a long-standing and fruitful collaboration between leading academic and industrial partners from the fields of glycomics and glycoproteomics technology and clinical glycomics and glycoproteomics. The 6 ESRs will therefore achieve excellent employability further strengthened by training in business development, IP management, rules & regulations for clinical research and medical diagnostics, self-management and multiple aspects of communication. At the core, the training program is aimed at preparing the ESRs for top positions in the Clinical Diagnostic as well as Biopharmaceutical industry. However, they will also find employment opportunities in clinical or technological research group in academia and industry or at regulatory agencies. The ESRs will enrich the global scientific community and enhance the competitive position of European Industry, by delivering both knowledge and products with high impact.

In conclusion, the GlySign network will train 6 ESRs in cutting-edge research in biomarker validation and translation, focused on glycosylation signatures and multiomics markers